Can I order mulitple items?
            Yes! Of course!

     What are the shipping costs?
            All items include shipping to anywhere in the USA. Please use the Contact me if       you live else 
          where and I can give you a quote on the extra shipping.
    What kind of diapers do you make?
          Our Pocket diapers are made of an outer waterproof layer (PUL) and a mostiure wicking
          inner layer (suedecloth) with a velcro closure. Between these two layers there is a pocket where
         you can customize what kind of absorbancy you want to use. You can control the absorbency by 
         stuffing the pocket with what you prefer, insert of microfiber or hemp, a prefold diaper or even a
         small hand towel. Pocket diapers have the convenience or an all in one once stuffed but also have
         the ease and fast washing of a prefold. They are great for diaper changes at home, easy enough
         for grandparents, dads or babysitters.

    How Do you wash them?
I personally have a wet pail, full of water and Tea Tree oil and they sit in there till its time to wash,
        then i rinse (in the washer) on a short, cold cycle, with about 3 TBS. of tide detergent. Then i run a
        HOT wash with vinager or baking soda then i run a warm short cycle and then a warm rinse. I hang
       my diapers to dry and about 2 times a month i put the covers in dryer. You can dry your diapers, and
       its recommend a couple times a month but they will last longer if you don't everytime.
       You can also visit Diaper Jungle for a full list of other ways you can wash.

   How long have You been creating things?
        Over two years! I have been sewing since I was 7 though.

  How did you get started?
        I wanted to create a  things for friends of mine when I saw the outragous price
        the boutiques.

  Do you have a Family?
       Yes I have an awesome husband who I've been married 8 awesome years to, and 4 beautiful 
       little girls :-D We have many very loving and helpful family and friends that we couldn't do with out!

      I love what I do.. This is a complete passion for me. Please feel free to contact me if you
      have ANY questions I would LOVE to create something just for YOU!