All~In~Six Cloth Diapers


Can be a pocket, All in one or two, Trainer 
and One Size Fits 7lbs-35lbs+ 
also Includes one insert.
 $15 Each
  Extra inserts $1
  overnight insert $3 

Blue, Green, Pink, Peach & more to choose from on facebook!

We also have wet bags, they have the same option of colors as the diapers.

Our medium wetbags are 11" x 13" in size. They hold about 3-5 diapers.
Our large wetbags are 17" x 13" and are great for about 8-10 diapers.
If You purchace 5 or more diapers you receive one Medium wet bag.

 For more info how to wash diapers go here 
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